Why Choose Cajun Elite?

Since the 2008 club season, numerous athletes have participated in Cajun Elite's Club Volleyball program; our success is best shown through the tremendous development of our athletes.  Cajun Elite is the best club volleyball program in the Acadiana area for the following reasons:


      1. OUR FACILITIES: Cajun Elite is proud to maintain a relationship with the owners of the Warehouse training facility.  The Warehouse is home to many of Cajun Elite's club teams for practices during the club season.  The training facility is the best in the area because it not only provides a sport court for on the court training, but it houses state of the art volleyball and performance training equipment.  Equipment available at the Warehouse for club athlete use: Vertimax, NOAH, and Acuspike.


     2. OUR CLUB VOLLEYBALL MEMBERS' SUCCESS: With the implementation and development of our program, we have seen many athletes thrive in the sport of volleyball.  Since opening, we have managed to help many of our athletes sign college scholarships.  Also many of our players become successful high school volleyball players that rack up accolades because of the fundamental training they obtain during the club season.  Not only that, our club athletes prove to be valuable contributors to some of the most dominate middle and high school volleyball players in the Acadiana​ area and often times the state of Louisiana.


     3. OUR COACHING STAFF:  Our coaching staff is the best around.  We believe in employing coaches that not only know the game of volleyball, but they are motivators, teachers, and mentors of our athletes.  Our coaches come from different competitive athletic backgrounds.  Some have coached for many years, played competitive volleyball in club programs, on collegiate, or even international teams.


​    4. OUR TRAINING PROGRAMS:  With the implementation of our Training​ Academy, our clinics, and our positional training sessions, our club volleyball players represent some of the best in the area.  The training reps that we provide our athletes are second to none and it is evident through their growth and development as volleyball players. 


     5. OUR COMMITTMENT TO EXCELLENCE:  The adminstrative staff at Cajun Elite is never satisfied.  We are always pushing ourselves and our organization to be better.  Our staff is committed to being the best club volleyball organization in Acadiana and we are constantly finding ways to improve what we are doing; Whether that may be restructuring our organization, creating a new website, studying new coaching techinques, or attending CAP classes offered by USAV, we believe that it is our job to be the best we can for our members.