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Fall and Spring Training

Seasonal Training (Fall and Spring)

Fall and Spring training are our premier all skills clinic that we run at the beginning of August and at the end of March respectively. At each of these clinics the athletes will learn all the basics of volleyball including serving, passing, defending, setting and hitting. 

Along with this, they will be put into game like situations where they can take the fundamental skills that they learned and apply them to more live settings where they will also to begin to learn to read the game and become more comfortable with in a game. 

Fall and spring training are great opportunities for both beginner and intermediate players who are just starting or trying to hone their skill in preparation for school tryouts or club tryouts. 

All players no matter of gender, club affiliation, etc. are welcome so long as you fall in the age group range.

If you have any questions about anything please reach out to

Lake Charles Spring Training 2024

April 21, 28, May 5, 19

3rd-6th Grade - 1:00-3:00

7th-11th Grade - 3:00-5:00


Location: Sam Houston High School

Cost: $110