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Summer Camps 2024

We have a wide range of Summer camps ranging from beginners all skills camps, to Division I College Coaches Camps, to individual skills camps! You can find the full list by clicking on the link below!!

Club Volleyball

Cajun Elite Volleyball Club was originally established in 2008.  In its first season, Cajun Elite Volleyball Club served 37 members on 4 teams.  Now Cajun Elite is much larger than the size of the original version.  Offering teams in age groups 10 & under through 18, Cajun Elite has become one of the larger clubs in the Acadiana area aimed at meeting the needs of the various levels of volleyball athletes.

Cajun Elite Volleyball Club is one of a very small number of clubs that promotes all of the goals set forth by USA Volleyball. Most clubs are geared either for elite athletes, or for less skilled players.  Many of our athletes have played on collegiate teams.  Many have also been named All-District, and All-State teams.  On the other hand, many of our players enrolled are just trying to make their school's team.  Our Training Academy and our local teams allow players all skill levels to learn, improve and progress at a pace that they can achieve. 


Seasonal Training (Fall and Spring)

Fall and spring training are our premier all skills training. Each of them last 6 weeks and you will be taught all the fundamental skills of volleyball and then apply them in game like settings. It is a great introduction to volleyball for beginners and is perfect for those intermediate level players who are looking to keep getting touches in preparation for school volleyball or club season!

Mini Volleyball

Mini Volleyball is designed to begin an athletic adventure for any young player 4 to 9 years old.  Regardless of the shape, size or athleticism of the young athlete, this program is designed to work big muscles and begin the hand-eye coordination efforts to enjoy athletics.  

You may be asking yourself, how can 4 and 5 year olds be taught volleyball skills?  
In our specially designed age appropriate Mini Volleyball Program, participants use a lighter ball which is covered in a soft cloth, material unlike a normal volleyball, which is leather bound.  
Program Design for 4 to 8 year olds: During each 3-6 week session participants will be taught two basic volleyball passing and hitting.  While focusing on passing, participants will be taught how to call the ball, how to shuffle to the ball, the correct platform and base, and also how to use their arms to pass the ball to target.  


But wait…this special program is not just about volleyball! During each practice time our mini volleyball players will get the opportunity to develop their muscle strength, balance, and coordination.  We will incorporate things other than volleyball to make things more fun.

Rec Volleyball

Cajun Elite Recreation League Philosophy: First and foremost we want EVERYONE in the Acadiana area to have access to this amazing game! Second, we want these young volleyballers to have a safe, supportive, and FUN environment to learn how to play! This recreation league will serve to introduce your children to a game that can open up so many possibilities: college, olympics, or simply a game they can play and love for their whole life!

Practice Structure: Each day your children are in the gym they will get practice reps with coaches who have experience in volleyball, there will be a planned practice time that fits the level and needs of the group.

​Play Structure: Game play will happen EVERY DAY. The style of game play will vary depending on the skill level, we will use modified rotations, smaller courts, different ways of initiating balls. As the players advance in ability we will advance the level of court size, ball initiation, rotation, etc.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available with many of our top coaches in all areas of the game.  Schedule your one hour private lesson or bring a few friends and get semi-private pricing.  Semi-private lessons are conducted with more than one player in each session.  These lessons are the preference of most coaches and players due to the realistic nature of the drills coaches can conduct.   

Beach Volleyball

Cajun Elite Beach Volleyball was established in 2015 and was one of the first beach clubs in Louisiana. We are into our 10th year running beach and it still functions as a great way to stay sharp in the off-season between club volleyball and high school volleyball. It's a great way to improve your movement, ball control, and overall conditioning. It also has and will continue to provide unique opportunities at the collegiate level as NCAA Women's Beach Volleyball continues to grow at a amazing rate! We can't wait to see you on the beach!