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Sister Clubs

Cajun Elite Lake Charles

Cajun Elite Lake Charles was started in 2017.  In the 2020 volleyball season, we had 12 club teams ranging from ages 10U to 18U.  We will mirror the Lake Charles division after our Lafayette division.  So you will get a large collective group of high school head coaches as your club coaches.  So why should your daughter join Cajun Elite in Lake Charles?  in the past, the Lake Charles area has lacked local school support, full time club employees to manage registrations, coaches, online correspondence and payments, but most importantly experience in running a club.  With the guidance and help of our core staff members, we can provide a support base and networking between coaches that will be instrumental in the success of our sport.  Our major goal in providing club volleyball in the Lake Charles area is to grow the sport that we all love, no matter what school you attend.  

Cajun Elite Jennings

Cajun Elite Jennings was established in 2023 and currently houses 5 Club lite teams. As all of our programs, all practices are run by a master trainer and coaches who work underneath that master trainer. We try to have coaches coach as many kids as possible in every location and Jennings is no different. Our staff in Jennings has done a great job building the program and continually trying to give kids opportunities of volleyball in the Jennings area!