Skill Classes 2020

**NEW** Skill Classes

Each Skill Class is developed for athletes to focus in and grow their skill of choice.

It is an hour long session for $25 with a limit of 8 players per class. 

Classes include:

Serving & Jump Serving with Coach Dani Rudesill

Setting with Coach Waylon Young

Middles with Coach Chanelle Gardner 

OH/RS with Coach Sara Robichaux

Passing with Coach Sydney Davis

Choose from a time, age, and skill level appropriate class for you athlete.

June 17th Classes

4:30pm Hitting Class for 6th- 8th grade

4:30 pm Passing for 6th-8th grade

6:30 pm Serving Class for 5th-8th grade

6:30 pm Beginner Setting

June 18th Classes

4:30 pm Hitting Class for 9th grade and up

4:30 pm Passing Class for 9th grade and up

5:30 pm Middles Class for 9th grade and up

6:30 pm Intermediate Setting Class

6:30 pm Jump Serving Class for 7th & 8th graders